session 1 and session 2

Adventure (week 1)

Day 1 (24th Desnus)
got charge to search area south of oleg
Day 3
travelled to oleg

one was named ‘hap’
killed the 4 bandits
oleg was very happy, he gave us gold and potions
info murdoch got from bandits before we executed:

the wife said we would get money for moon radishes

we found some kobolds, got their moon radishes (
Day 4
when we return to oleg’s
some tents outside
meet teston garris, was disowned for an affair
meet jod kofkin, holy symbol to aristol

as eating this night, learn teston wants to make a name for himself or die honorably.

jod kafkin asks rosby to find the temple of the elk. he has had a divine vision: if you restore the temple the escort him there and take care of the bear, he will give you free spells for life.

Day 6
travelled back to find bandit camp
encountered humanoids: mites. they were evil, but we let them go

Day 7
encountered some frogmen (bogarts) in same area as bandits
fought frog like creatures…they have sticky tongues

Day 8
ran away from a bear
encountered a dog thing with a gold back
tried to find bandits
found a stream with a platform in a tree, with an archer, there’s a broken wagon
found 5 people total
rosby snuck up and attacked the archer
bandit kills:
recovered a 14 of leather, short swords, long bows
studded, masterwork axes, gold, 4 daggers

Session 2 – 7/29

day 9
we went back to oleg’s did some trading
ordered some stuff
nothing else interesting happened

day 10

Day 11
found gold

Day 12
find some elks
Rosby talks to the elks
they say “find the tree”

we find a tree in the middle of the plains
we approach the tree, there is some distrubed dirt

from 1000’ some bandits shoot us
the party charges the bandits and kills them
with them is a gnome named yoda, he was tied up

under the tree is a cloak wrapped around a wand, book, ring and masterwork dagger

murdoch interrogated the bandit, he used to steail from the potion hermit (some sort of crab). he’s to the north.

That night we encounter a ‘candle carrier’ (will o the wisp). He told us potion make is southwest by the bridge

Day 13
we encountered the dragon thing, the will o the wisp is still with us
we easily killed the dragon thing, we keep his head
we find a hut in the hut is the potion maker/hermit

hermit’s brother took his finger, hermit wants reveng
hermit needs fang berries
has potions to sell: endure elements, heal wounds, bring back from brink of death
bokken is the hermits name

Day 14
found some bear traps

Day 15

Day 16
we get our stuff
there’s an animal up in the tree
there’s a large nest in the tree
there’s some sort of fey structure in the tree, covered. there’s sparkly stuff in there
eric fell asleep
yoda climbs the tree and they attack with entanglement
party rides away and rosby tries to make friends with the fey
rosby gives them a whole bunch of stuff
a cricket elf woman (tater tot) and a dragonette (pruvelvish)
they give us a map that leads us to temple elk and hot springs

Day 17
temple of the elk
we throw a coin in and there’s a roar and a bear comes out

we killed the bear creature, the shrine grows vibrant and the pool sparkles for a second

Day 18
we travelled to the hot springs
we fought a huge centipede

we got to the hot springs
rosby got nekkid
we killed some giant frogs

Session 3 starts on (12th Sarenith)


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