The Grand Inquisitor to Asmodeus


A refugee and orphan from wars long forgotten, Murdock was raised by
the Sisters of the Golden Erinyes, where he was taught the doctrines
of Asmodeus from a young age. Many of these doctrines stick with him
today, and are core to his beliefs. As a changeling, Murdock (just
like Asmodeus) is also capable of taking the shape of any creature, an
ability he uses to gain an advantage in negotiations through
intimidation, comfort, or pity.

This ability made those in the refugee camps believe that Murdock was
“touched by Asmodeus” and he quickly rose in the ranks in the clergy.
Though he never really felt like he belonged there, and could not
channel as much dark energy as the other clerics, though his ability
to bluff and disguise and negotiate was the only thing keeping him
from being expelled from the order all together.

Now he’s more of a Heretic of the belief (e.g. he has the Heretic
Archetype). He can still channel some of Asmodeus’ power, but is not
very skilled at it. He relies on his disguise and guile to fit into
“normal” society.

The firm beliefs Murdock has kept from his youth, which generally
continue to please Asmodeus are:

Seek out and destroy the followers of Rovagug
The strong must rule the weak
Take advantage of the situation wherever possible
Never show your weaknesses

Murdock is generally indifferent to the rest of Asmodeus’ beliefs.
Being raised around torture, slavery, and human sacrifices has him
somewhat anesthetized to some of the more inhumane practices of
“evil”, and he can see the logic in these lawful practices.


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