Open quests:

  • deal with trolls to the south
  • hermit – wtf do we do with hermit when we find him
  • witch:
    • dagger at candlemere lake
  • find a wife for eric
  • make friends with the boggard

Completed Quests

  • kill bandits at olegs (bunch of stuff and xp)
  • bring back radishes (200gp, 125xp)
  • bandit camp
  • wanted: bandits
  • potion hermit
  • wanted: iatztugrm – we have killed him and have his head
  • befriend the fey
  • bathe in hot springs: rosby got clean for a change
  • big bad boar
  • hermit needs fang berries,
    • A thicket is located 55 miles southwest of Oleg’s Trading post. Make sure the berries you bring back are not dirty.
    • we found the fang berries
  • major quest: explore the area with charge
  • temple of the elk for jod kafkin
  • have temple, need to talk to jod
  • kobolds in the hills
  • find great tree to the west
  • hermit wants revenge on his brother (who lives in a tree to the south), there is no reward
  • bandit: falgreen sneeg, mwk weapons if we bring him back (1 for location, 2 for dead, 4 for alive, 10 if he is now undead)
  • return artifact to kobold king
  • bandit: find stag lord and
    • return his body to capital. 5000 gp
    • return head to zombie guy to cure eric
  • obtain quest from witch at some point
  • do something with rattling fungi – sold them to the witch


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