Character Creation

Characters should be created using the 25 point buy system. When using point buy the player purchases points as per the pathfinder rules, but no base stat can be reduced below 8 or increased above 18.

If players want random luck then use 4d6 and take the highest 3d6. Recommend the point buy though.

XP Track

The campaign will be on the medium track.

Hero Points

Will use hero points as defined here:
Start with 1 and earn 1 per level. In addition can earn 1 at the start with a good back story.

Other points will be rewarded during the campaign for heroic acts and completion of plot arcs in the story.


We will be using a critical hit/fumble deck during game play for player characters and key NPCs.


If a character dies the party can resurrect the character as normal. If this is not possible then the player will need to generate a new character. Replacement characters start at 1/2 the players current xp (unless killed in a heroic act fiting the character, then its 3/4 the current xp). In addition they start with fifty percent starting money for the level.

If the whole party is killed then the campaign is over.

Note: Not all encounters are safe for the party, when in doubt the party should run and live to fight another day. Additional note: someone may have to sacrifice themselves to ensure the party gets away.


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